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Warning: At this stage, the game is optimized for Quest 2 only. 

The most feature-packed VR fighting game, with offline training modes, single-player brawler modes and online PvP fighting.

Designed with our love for martial arts, VFC gives you, the player your full liberty to express your fighting skills inside VR against real opponents using whatever fighting style or schools of martial art that you prefer. Regular worldwide PvP tournaments are hosted inside our online community, join the discord server at https://discord.gg/2r9tz4b to learn more.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this VFC you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

vfc27Sep2022_quest2_ver29_bundle37.apk 603 MB

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hay i purchased this game on itch can i get an app lab key my email is jerrettluedy3887@gmail.com

Hey mate, sorry for the late response. I've contacted you by email.

i purchased then switched out my headsets. Now it says I never bought. I bought it off sidequest. Really liked the game.

Hey mate, sorry for the late response. Can you dm me through discord, please? https://discord.gg/2r9tz4b

tried looking you up on there. Can't find you.

Saw your message on Discord. Let's sort it out there :D

hay i purchased this game on itch can i get an app lab key my email is jerrettluedy3887@gmail.com

Can you put v27 on itch.io please?



Great game


How can i play my brother in pvp? Hes states away

If you both have the game. You can log in and find each other in the match-making lobby. Use the ray to point to the avatar and click the trigger button to invite.


Loved the game!


Why is this game not in the actual Quest store? this is insanely well developed, I've b been waiting for TOTF2 for ages while not knowing this exist...


PvP in this game is insanely fun


Thanks for the kind word! I'm doing Quest store applications. It's a lengthy process, Most of the time I'd rather put my efforts into improving the game itself.

Game doesn't seem to be fully working for me on Quest 2. I can only go to one level within the anger management section (only fighting section I can find) and doesn't do much. Opponent doesn't rlly fight back only throws one punch every 1min but that's it.  How to I go to inside the cage or fight different people in different locations? If this isn't available at the moment no worries but would like a refund since there's not much I can currently do with v22.  Thx /Reed


Hey! The PVP is fully functional but better to arrange a fight in our discord server as most players won't wait online. The link is https://discord.gg/YueJKZ8K I'm sure you'll be welcomed by veteran players who love to show you how the game works.

For single-player content, now the game has infinity mode in which you can fight waves of robots. Or there are exercise modes like dummy training and running etc. I'm looking to release a single-player campaign mode in 1 to 2 weeks of time. Hope to see you in discord soon!


Thanks for the reply. I was under the assumption I could play single player mode by myself like any other game. Unfortunately I think I would like a refund as I don't want to have to arrange a fight but would rather open and play when I like. Please let me know how to arrange a refund until the single player features are available. Thx again for all! 

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Single-player contents are available in the game. What I mentioned in the last post is an additional mode as I've been keeping adding new content in the past years. But no worries mate. You can contact Itch to arrange a refind as in this post. https://itch.io/t/706742/how-to-get-refund

I can't directly handle it on my end, but please let me know if there's a problem in the refund process and I'll help you with it.



Great game so far! Can’t wait to really devote some more time! Keep at it you definitely have a fan!

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Hello friends, we will be trying to reply to any feedback here asap, however, the quickest way to reach us would be inside our discord server at  https://discord.gg/2r9tz4b. Regular friendly tournaments are also hosted inside there!

Looking forward to your fights inside VFC :)